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~ Description ~

After the many fails on Freddy Fazbears Pizzaria the company decided to end Freddy and the gang once and for all... The only relics left were a Freddy Head, Freddy Body, an old Puppet and a Foxy head. As the company changed the name from Fazbear Entertainment to Frendo Fun They brought new animatronics and springlock suits and fixed the Foxy Head into Foxy 2.0. They kept The Puppet and the Freddy Head and Body as a display but still strange things still have been going on in Frendo Frog's Pizzaria!

~ Disclaimer ~

I DO NOT own FNAF this is only a fan-game. and also DO NOT ASK FOR BETA TESTING!

~Being Made In!!!~
Clickteam Fusion 2.5
TexMod (if i lose ALL of the data)









~ Credits ~

ClubOfPeng (me) - Programming

Willfire269 - Coming up with the idea

Scott Cawthon - The FNAF Series

IvanG - Music Composer, Frendo modeller

Published Dec 01, 2015
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Horror, Survival Horror

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